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Tea and chocolate make a perfect pairing, and Kesshō, in collaboration with West China Tea, brings you a bespoke tasting experience that combines the finest flavors from Asia and the West. We're thrilled to present this unique tasting box for you to enjoy at home.

Our special tasting box includes four 60-gram bars of chocolate and eight 7-gram tea coins, designed to serve up to ten people. Let's explore the exquisite pairings:

  1. Boba Milk Chocolate x Nannuo Sun-Dried Red

    • A classic blend of cream, tea, and brown sugar found in boba milk tea, paired with the palate-cleansing Nannuo Sun-Dried Red.
  2. Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate x Man Le Shu Pu'er

    • Experience the complexity of Himalayan cacao with sea salt, perfectly complemented by the rich, earthy Man Le Shu Pu'er.
  3. Mulled Wine Dark Chocolate x Moonlight White

    • Indulge in the sweet and soft profile of Moonlight White tea, a perfect match for the rum, marsala, cointreau, and spices in this unique chocolate bar.
  4. Lamb Skewer Goat Milk Chocolate x Sticky Rice Sheng Pu'er

    • Inspired by China's grilled lamb skewers, this chocolate bar features goat milk and classic cumin-chili seasoning. Paired with Sticky Rice Sheng Pu'er, it's a delightful combination.

To fully savor these pairings, follow our recommended procedure:

  1. Prepare the tea following our steeping instructions, conveniently accessed via the QR code on the insert.

  2. Take a moment to enjoy the tea on its own to prepare your palate.

  3. Once the tea has fully steeped (usually on the 3rd steeping), pair it with the chocolate by taking a bite of chocolate and sipping the tea. The hot tea will melt the chocolate, revealing a harmonious blend of flavors.

  4. Refresh your palate with another sip of tea before moving on to the next pairing.

We trust you'll relish this pairing experience as much as we did crafting it. We're thrilled to bring this delightful experience to your home, where you can enjoy it with your loved ones. Cheers to the magic of tea and chocolate!


Allergens: Contains soy. Made in a facility that also processes tree nuts, wheat, sesame and egg.

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