Welcome to the Kesshō Blog!

Welcome to the Kesshō Blog!

Hello, sweet enthusiasts! We're Kesshō, your new favorite source for all things chocolate, straight from the heart of Austin, Texas. Founded by Liang Wang and Mark Huetsch, Kesshō—which means "Crystal" in Japanese—symbolizes the pristine beauty of chocolate and the fruits of passion and hard work. Our journey began with a love for pastry and has blossomed into an award-winning chocolate adventure, combining Asian flavors with traditional chocolate craftsmanship.

What to Expect From Our Blog

Our blog is set to become a treasure trove of stories, insights, and treats. Here’s what you can look forward to:
- Crafting Secrets: Dive deep into our bean-to-bar chocolate-making process, where we turn exquisite cacao into delectable chocolate and sweets.
- Behind the Scenes: Get to know our passionate team and their stories that make Kesshō what it is today.
- Community Spotlight: Celebrate our amazing customers and their unique stories, showing how our chocolate is part of their lives.
- Delicious Recipes: We’ll share exclusive recipes that incorporate our chocolates, perfect for any home baker.
- Fun Facts and Tips: Learn interesting tidbits about chocolate, baking, and gelato making—direct from the geeky, fun-loving minds of Mark and Liang.

Stay tuned, and prepare to indulge in the delicious, inspiring world of Kesshō. We can't wait to share our passion with you and bring a little more sweetness into your life! Happy reading and even happier eating! 🍫


To learn more about our journey and products, visit our [About Us] page.

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