Celebrating Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Stories from Desirae Pierce

Desirae Pierce, the owner of Breath and Body Yoga, transitioned from a successful career in marketing to find solace and fulfillment in yoga, leading her to establish her own studio in 2006. With a background enriched by the arts and competitive sports, Desirae now dedicates herself to teaching, creating yoga content, and authoring a book on yoga alignment.

KESSHŌ:⁠ ⁠Could you share some insights into your entrepreneurial journey?

Desirae: Since the outset of my career, I've consistently charted my own course. In 1993, I founded a graphic design studio, American Pie Design and embarked on producing record covers and all the other graphics for Priority Records and then Antone's right here in Austin. Entrepreneurship grants a unique liberty, yet it demands relentless dedication—a price I willingly pay. I suppose it's simply my calling.

KESSHŌ:⁠ ⁠What is your primary motivation?

Desirae: The driving force in my life stems from my passion for holistic well-being—nurturing my physical, mental, and spiritual health. Over the past 18 years, owning a yoga studio has provided me with a platform to express myself through teaching, personal practice, developing other teachers, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

KESSHŌ: ⁠In what ways has your mother influenced your entrepreneurial path?

Desirae: Both my parents were teachers. The friendships they forged and travels in the summer opened my eyes to seeing the world and creating lasting bonds.

KESSHŌ:⁠ ⁠As a female entrepreneur, what do you consider the biggest challenge and the greatest blessing?

Desirae: Time poses my greatest challenge; its scarcity hinders completing all tasks in this vast world. My most cherished blessing is the acquisition of self-belief. From my most significant failures, I've gleaned my most profound lessons.

KESSHŌ:⁠ ⁠How did you discover Kessho, and what are your favorite sweet treats there?

Desirae: It all began with a gift—Kessho—but it evolved into a source of immense joy for both my mom and me. We partake in a delightful ritual, sitting together to savor wine and share a few squares of chocolate, our favorite, Himalayan pink salt 70% Dark Chocolate. Furthermore, our weekly stop at the gelato trailer has become a cherished tradition, as we eagerly explore new and exciting flavors and items such as cookies and tea.

This Mother's Day, join us as we honor the spirit of motherhood and entrepreneurship through the inspiring stories of our local community members.
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